International markets have been growing with great wonders to the entrepreneurs and it’s time to step outside the comfort zone and engage a branding consultant with an understanding that there is much more to branding than advertising to collect unbiased judgment which usually doesn’t come from a great team working with you. Graduated from UNIC & MSM, the largest/oldest institutions in Southern and Central Europe specialized in branding with internationalization as a strategic component reinforced me to be a brand-building practitioner in local and international markets.

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Place Branding

BGDINT, leveraging its skilled team of consultants and brand specialists, adeptly navigates the complexities of place branding in the diverse markets of Asia and the Middle East. Employing strategic communication, meticulous research, and targeted promotion, our goal is to elevate the allure of destinations, thereby fostering sustainable economic growth and attracting global investments. Our comprehensive approach encompasses thorough brand research, proactive reputation management, and the cultivation of effective media relations in the dynamic global landscape.

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Corporate Branding

Corporate branding establishes emotional connections between corporations and customers, providing a competitive edge and ensuring economic stability. It's crucial for companies, especially in the Middle East and Asian regions, undergoing economic shifts. With initiatives like One Belt One Road (OBOR) driving industrial development, effective branding is essential for attracting clients and talent. BGDINT offers specialized consultancy, leveraging global expertise and research-backed strategies to future-proof organizations in evolving markets.

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Product Branding

Branding transcends mere product promotion, focusing instead on storytelling and establishing connections. Profitability alone is not the sole objective; product managers face a choice between selling a commodity or a brand. BGDINT emphasizes customer access to branding beyond advertising, employing a consultant's approach to ensure continual profitability. The firm specializes in crafting or redefining brands, making them appealing to customers and aligning services with agencies to guide brands through various stages for successful market placement.

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Sports Branding

Club branding, exemplified by iconic names like Manchester United, Real Madrid, Al Hilal, Lahore Qalandars, and Peshawar Zalmi, extends beyond attracting talent. BGDINT, aligned with esteemed Western consultants, challenges the effectiveness of endorsement as a long-term strategy. Emphasizing sustainable growth, the consultancy underscores key elements: perception, identity, trust, loyalty, effective communication, and global outreach. BGDINT positions itself as a distinguished leader in media relations, internal branding, and cutting-edge digital branding strategies to secure a significant market share in the competitive landscape.

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Digital Branding

Online business requires a shift to digital branding, where every moment is critical. BGDINT specializes in comprehensive digital branding, covering keywords, content, SEO, and real-time responses for a global identity. Emphasizing the significance of digital/social media planning, the consultancy highlights the importance of online interactions in shaping brand identity. BGDINT underscores the significance of online interactions, including tweets, emails, blogs, comments, and feedback, as integral components of digital brand identity.BGDINT has tested social media planning models contributing to the continuous process of digital branding.

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Personal Branding

Be yourself – “Work until YOU no longer have to introduce yourself.” (Gabriel Macht)
BGDINT advocates for personal branding in today's Google and Twitter-dominated world. Encouraging individuals to purchase a domain and seek consultancy, the firm emphasizes the shift from mere social presence to emotional connection. Regardless of one's profession, personal branding is seen as a key motivator for success, promoting promise, efficiency, and achievement. BGDINT challenges the notion that maintaining a low profile is advantageous, urging individuals to step out of their comfort zones and embrace the opportunities in the modern business world.


a brand building model - step by step appraoch

Siddiq Ahmad Khan is a brand strategist at Business GO Digital and was involved in the national campaign of branding of the wine industry and service firms in Southern Europe, hospitality and construction sectors in the Middle East served as Assistant Professor at business school in the largest private university in Pakistan in the marketing specialization area, consulted in establishing associations, clubs, and businesses. He has been speaking to different peer groups as well. SPANTIK is a brand-building model to contribute practitioner and top-level management in their strategic branding process of corporations and products. It consists of seven phases practically connected and a guide for markets and brand builders.