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Legal Services

We do assist on general business law and legal formalities in relation to business set-up, corporate structure, advice on applying for visas, permits, licenses and liaise with Gov. entities. Our role is to determine a smooth arrival of your firm to the business world of Saudi Arabia. Strategic decision making is crucial while entering and we are well experienced and familiar corporate culture in Saudi Arabia.

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Human Resource Management

A concrete HR management is essential for any businesses. We provide a comprehensive set of human resource outsource services that enable new entry or rapidly expanding businesses to scale quickly their human resource management to satisfy business needs. BSM Saudi Arabia is providing one stop business solutions with a global network of partners and associates.

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3rd-Party Logistics

What makes BSM Saudi Arabia different is that all of 3PL services lines work seamlessly for our clients. Our role is to explore the required logistic partners, while our customers need to develop, manage, and maintain initial set-up for their secure investments in Saudi Arabia for projects on schedule and within their described budget. We aim ensuring cost-effective and intelligent solutions.

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We offer effectively experienced associates who facilitate purchases, local & international, act as consultants or brokers for the buyer. We managed to have database of reliable suppliers that have good performance records. We are specialized by industry sector and can offer areas of expertise such as procurement and vendor management, supplier assessment and writing contracts. We may assist in developing specifications and pre-qualifying suppliers and manage the whole end-to-end process as a turnkey project.

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Infrastructure Facilitation

BSM Saudi Arabia is a reliable firm outsourcing exceptional expertise and technical knowhow in a variety of infrastructure services and maintaining them on regular basis. From single to multi-story office spaces, units side by side or one over the other under one roof and trims installation costs. We promise turnkey smart solution, technology equipped, secure and convenient as imagined and designed. BSM enables customers to custom-built their office/showroom space in any commercial or remote part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Business Resourcefulness

Testing, we recognize the challenges of your business launch in Saudi Arabia, and are here to take care of the tasks that otherwise would have taken up too much of your time and budget. Just to build a more efficient business, we offer professional specialized assistance in sales, marketing, learning, and research tasks. At BSM Saudi Arabia, we understand that to hire an outsourced company for specialized services, will be an advantage for big investment to add value in time management, cost efficiency, and results delivery.